Big Apple, I’ll miss you.

It looks like I’ve finally finished with all of the events that The Suits could throw at me here in New York. I gotta say, even though it was a rushed, crazy time, I had one heck of a good trip. I’d always heard people talk about New York in springtime being magical, and I’m glad that I finally got to see it for myself.

The Suits aren’t totally without humanity (they’re actually pretty good folks, I just like to give them a hard time) and they set up a tour of some classic destinations for me to check out on my last full day. Finally! A chance to explore the city! Here’s some of what I got to see.

central park
Some folks stopped me when I was singing the Friends theme song. I guess that’s a different fountain somewhere. Whoops!

Central Park was beautiful. I mean, seriously, I couldn’t even believe all the green space, right in the middle of this giant city. It was so great seeing all the people walking around, enjoying their days. I also stopped by a hot dog vendor, which was nice, but he only was willing to make me 15 before he got annoyed, so I was still a little hungry. Oh well.

Consider my regards to Broadway GIVEN!

Times Square was pretty cool! It was crazy, though. So many people! So many lights, and signs, and sounds, all fighting for your attention! I really had to watch my step, here. It wouldn’t do to accidentally step on a tourist!

GG with SoL
It just so happens that I DO like tall women…

And one last picture, before I end up boring you guys with the entire album: My visit to Lady Liberty herself. Even though I’d seen her a million times before in movies and on tv, it really doesn’t do it justice. You gotta see for yourself.

Thanks again for putting up with a big knucklehead from Minnesota, New York. You’ve made me even jollier than I was before. I can’t wait to see you again.

Ho ho ho,



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